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IT & Telecom

The IT and Telecommunication sector is growing at a very fast pace. The Indian telecom industry is the second largest in the world. Affordable tariffs, wider network, mobile number portability all have played a crucial role in the telecommunication revolution. Once the 5G technology is rolled out in the market, a contribution of $450 billion is expected to the Indian economy. At PR365 we have experts serving many IT and Telecommunications clients. The crisp content generated by us and the SEO, helps in spreading the word around our clients across platforms



Healthcare has taken a front seat across the globe. The industry is big in terms of the revenues and the employment opportunities, it generates. The sector comprises clinical trials, research, biotechnology, hospitals, medical equipment, etc. Recently many new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence have been implemented in the health sector. This resulted in new innovations and in a few cases bringing down the treatment cost. New players, startups, biotechnology companies are all set to create a difference in the healthcare industry. PR365 has handled the communication mandate of many clients in health tech, biotechnology, hospitals, private doctors, etc. The experts understand the crisp and accurate content that needs to be created around the sector. We believe in meeting customer expectations and educating the masses at the same time.



The education sector is one that has reinvented itself in the last two years. Due to the pandemic, physical education moved to digital. Hybrid model evolved, teachers were trained to deal with this change. This also witnessed an emerging trend, many players entered the market offering online- coaching, personality development classes, or extracurricular classes. As an agency, we assisted in the digital revolution, by handling PR campaigns of many Ed-tech companies and universities. Our experts are regularly in touch with media and understand the kind of content that will create a difference.



The rise in funding opportunity, advancement in technologies, research, and development, changing mindset have seen an increase in startups. Globally many startups have emerged and within a short period of time became unicorns. India's startup segment is quite robust, with 90 unicorns, the country has become the third-largest unicorn hub. PR365 has designed a communication mandate for many start-ups in the field of Fintech, Edtech, Drone/UAV, Healthtech, and E-commerce. The positive publicity has helped these startups in reaching out to the VC network and also generating brand awareness among the masses.


Real Estate

The real Estate sector is the worst hit during a pandemic. But it was quick to adapt to digitalization and innovation. This is an emerging sector that is seeing an increase in the luxury housing segment. PR365 has served many real estate clients and designed communication keeping the changing times in mind.



The hospitality sector and tourism are one of the largest service industries in India. The varied landscape, world heritage sights, medical eco-tourism are a sheer delight for any tourist. The Government of India with its “Make in India” program is majorly pushing tourism. This industry is going to be a key employment generator at local levels. PR365 hospitality experts want to play a crucial role in generating brand awareness around Indian resorts & hotels, and experiences across the globe. We are proud to share we have a rich hospitality portfolio.


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