We are a communication expert with years of experience.

The dynamics of business is rapidly changing, new marketing practices are leaving an undeniable impact. In such a scenario, the survival of a business depends on innovative thinking. Gone are the days when the traditional method, generated desired results. The mantle of healthy business growth lies both with the corporate, as well as the communication partner. The need for reaching the masses is felt not only by giants, celebrities, sports icons but also by rising start-ups and upcoming youth icons.


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Rajasthan Media Group awarded “Best Hospitality PR” to PR365 in 2019.


As a communication agency, our mission is to cut the clutter and provide out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. Create a positive and everlasting impact on the brands, we serve.


Right from top management to junior executives, shouldn’t shy away from rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. Trust, transparency, ethics, and hard work are the four pillars of PR365.


PR 365

Tailor-made solutions.

PR 365 has been formed, with the core objective of understanding the customer needs, and accordingly developing tailor-made solutions. As professionals we firmly believe, one size does not fit all. Based on the requirement, solutions need to be provided. Our capability, to offer cutting-edge PR, Content Management and Digital solutions can be compared, with the best in the industry. A holistic communication strategy is designed by communication experts, to generate positive buzz around the brand.

  • We are professional, competitive, and competent in our business.
  • Our offices are backed by excellent content creators.
  • SEO specialists.
  • Media outreach system, which covers pan India.

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership

Any good business needs a good team for survival and growth. We are proud to share that at PR365, team members are experts in their own field. They have years of corporate or media experience behind them. They are well versed with the latest marketing trends and the automation that have entered the field of communication.

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Ramya Mishra is the founding partner of PR365 and has extensive experience in all areas of brand communication. She is a certified communication expert from IIM Bangalore. She has worked extensively with startups, young entrepreneurs and corporate houses, individual clients and not-for-profit organizations. Outside her PR practice she is also a published author of two novels, “Love Lasts Forever” and “We Will Be Around Honey” which bagged the honor of becoming a national bestseller. She can be frequently found championing for LGBTQl+ causes. Through her writings she wants to spread awareness around the issues faced by community members.

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Her strategic inputs coupled with her deep insight into the Indian market helped in designing winning communication campaigns. She earnestly believes in the power of pen and can be often found in a cozy corner with her favorite notepad and a cup of coffee. Her quirky twist and witty inputs make her client’s favorite. She is a go-to person and is responsible for keeping the teams together.



She had a long successful stint in the field of journalism. During her tenure, she has served reputed brands like Maxposure Media, Outlook India Pvt. Ltd, etc. She is responsible for creating Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content; pitching ideas for promotional campaigns to the client. Apart from work, she is madly in love with her feathery friends and one can find her actively campaigning to save birds. She is our favorite guide for all the wildlife excursions and is responsible for making the team more sensitive towards wildlife.

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